The Tradition of Family and Island Life

 Hat Island has long been a place for families. Generations of fun all in one household is a fantastic tradition over the decades that is unique to island life. The Hat Island Yacht Club has a lot to offer families. Members can come down and get together with other families and enjoy a meal together by the fireplace or come watch a classic VCR (total old school!) or DVD or streamed movie. Our fireplace downstairs has an upright piano that is moderately tuned and a karaoke machine there. Upstairs we have a large screen TV and people over the years have donated lots of VCR and some DVD movies for the kids and a few grown up ones too. One or two channels of free local antenna TV is available as well.

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In the recent years, the Yacht Club from time to time, has run art and fun programs for the the kids to create fantastic summer memories. We even are selling some kids t-shirts to capture the memories when back at home. Although you do not need to be a member for the outside activities, you do need to be a member to come and enjoy the inside of the building which in addition to what is described above does also have the following amenities:

  • Men’s and Women’s (and of course boy’s and girl’s) bathrooms
  • Full shower and change area after time at the beach
  • Industrial kitchen to cook a simple meal, make some
    hot dogs or hamburgers before returning to your home
  • A little bit of temporary refrigerator space for your day at the beach
    (No overnight storage)
  • A place to cook your surf caught fish, crab or mussels you just harvested
  • Bagged ice available for $2 a bag cash
  • And beautiful sunrise views over the water for free!

The policy for children is simple – no unaccompanied minors. Parents need to be present for all activities. We try to keep a very clean and safe environment but need parents present to assure their kids safety. Young adults 18 and over are allowed in the facility without parents but their younger siblings need a parent present.

Please inquire about membership.

Membership Application – DOC version
Membership Application – PDF versions

If your families own more than one property on the island, the yacht club membership applies only to direct children living in your home. If you have a separate home we would love for you to join and come be part of this amazing Hat Island extended family.

We need you and your family to keep this amazing island life going for the future generations to enjoy.

Yacht Club members also can attend our amazing parties that we host through all the year.

Come explore the Yacht Club!


SUMMER 2023 family and kids pictures.

Memorial Day – ART and Fun Painting