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Hat Island  Yacht & Golf Club


Hat (Gedney) Island,


As of 2014-2015 Season



Dear Commodore and Members:


The Hat Island Yacht & Golf Club is pleased to introduce its new officers for Fiscal Year 2014-2015:


Commodore                                                    Jola Barnett


Sr. Vice Commodore                                      Philip Spagnoli


Vice Commodore Social                               Charlotte Maulsby


Vice Commodore Golfing                             Joe Ebner


Vice Commodore Yachting                           Dave Younce


Secretary                                                          Loretta Baggenstos


Treasurer                                                           Barbara Harris


Facilities Manager                                           Carl Baggenstos


Storekeeper                                                      Bette Near


We are pleased to extend guest moorage and reciprocal privileges to your club members for the 2014-2015 boating season.  The reciprocal privileges are good until rescinded.  We have 40 feet of dock space for use by members of reciprocal clubs.  Usage is limited to 48 hours annually for each boat/member and is not available on holiday weekends.  A complete list of reciprocal conditions is attached as well as a map of the facilities.


Please contact the harbormaster in advance to make arrangements.




Our website can be found at  The Island’s website is at  For the reference of your members, up-to-date reciprocal information for all yacht clubs in Puget Sound can be found at Yachting


Best Wishes for a safe and enjoyable 2014-2015 boating season!